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Concert Review het Parool 2013 Iman Spaargaren Undercurrent - In The Moment

Jazz without a weak spot

Jazz Iman Spaargaren Undercurrent Heared 6/6 Where North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam


Melody and lyricism are strong features of saxophonist and composer Iman Spaargaren. With clear expositions he wanders on paths leading to adventure without ever getting lost. Melodic sounds on tenor- and soprano saxophone, played by the bandleader with great empathy, are commentated by guitarist Guillermo Celano with his rough sound. At the North Sea Jazz Club the new ensemble Iman Spaargaren Undercurrent presents their debut album 'In The Moment'. Drummer Marcos Baggiani sits in for Jasper van Hulten. With Cord Heineking on double bass he completes the rhythm section; keyboard player Franz von Chossy and trumpet player Dirk Beets, who are featured on the CD, are not present. The concert opens, just like the record, with the exciting 'Erasmuspark', which starts as a contemplative piece with sweet sounds and turns out to be an uptempo composition with a rock solo for Celano. When the saxophonist and guitarist play together in unison, no weak spot can be found. Baggiani provides the rhythm section with contrasting movements; Heineking puts in some spices with his creamy notes. He is suggesting to carry out a threat when he uses the bow and effect pedals.Some notes of Spaargaren don't come out perfect, but the ones who do, are bull's eye. Imperfection is part of live music. Great to see that the different characters of the bandmembers fit together so well. Spaargaren put a great band together for sure" (Jan Jasper Tamboer, het Parool 2013).

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