Lucy Gooche kondigt release van EP Rain's Break aan

Lucy Gooche kondigt release van EP Rain's Break aan

Label : Fire Records

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2021-03-31 07:00:00 • 2 min lezen


Lucy Gooch kondigt EP Rain's Break aan!

Op 25 juni zal de nieuwe EP van de Britse Lucy Gooche uitkomen.

An exploration of repression, longing and ‘otherness’ amidst illusory landscapes,‘Rain’s Break’  is the new EP and lead single from Lucy Gooch, out 25th June on Fire Records.

Inspired by the early technicolour films of Powell and Pressburger, Lucy uses synthesisers and vocal layering to concentrate elements of each film’s score and narrative into songs which move through different moods of yearning and renewal. Title track, ‘Rain’s Break’ takes inspiration from the monsoon scene at the end of Black Narcissus (1947).

“That amazing tradition in early film of using weather to reflect the character’s emotional journey – it seems cliched now but at the time it was revolutionary. This is my attempt at trying to recreate the feeling of total surrender to drama, of something totally sensual.” Lucy Gooch

The exquisitely produced otherworldly new music video directed by Derrick Belcham (Ryuichi Sakamoto, Laurie Anderson, Max Richter, Julianna Barwick) and featuring a self-choreographed performance by Stephanie Crousillat sees a woman isolated in the natural world communicating her inner monologue and emotions through light and colour.

“I imagined a character who longs to be connected but pushes another away when they get too close… a character in search of balance and in need of a release from a cycle that has been ruling her. I think the image of these artificial lights in a natural landscape had been haunting me for a long time now, and it was such a joy to hear Lucy’s gorgeous composition and find a home for this dynamic woman in the woods and her transformation.” Derrick Belcham

Originally from Norfolk, Lucy studied Fine Art and later moved to Bristol to join the emerging ambient scene there – gradually developing her writing and finally releasing her debut ‘Rushing’ EP in early 2020. Over the past year, she’s dipped into a wealth of long gone celluloid as the basis for a filmic journey, a five song EP that relives formative movies in her unique take on ecclesiastical pop.

This is music that takes you places, shifts focus, paints large canvases.


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