Nieuwe single én video Coffee voor Thomas Oliver

Nieuwe single én video Coffee voor Thomas Oliver

Label : V2 records

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2020-01-24 07:00:00 • 1 min lezen


Nieuw single Coffee voor Thomas Oliver

Thomas Oliver brengt zijn nieuwe single Coffee uit

'Coffee' is a song co-written with friend and fellow New Zealand songwriter, Mitch James. It was written in an Airbnb in Berlin during a visit from James, and later produced by Oliver in his Berlin studio. An undeniable radio song, full of catchy hooks and colourful production.

“The love of coffee is the perfect metaphor for the love for the right person; no matter how many mornings you drink coffee, you never stop wanting it. It is one of the few things you can do every day, and still look forward to, just like good love. Mitch and I had a great writing connection, because he is a master of pop hooks, and I seem to have a strength in refining ideas, so together we were quite a force and we enjoyed every minute of the process. I'm very happy to have a touch of Mitch on this album.”

Written by Thomas Oliver and Mitch James. Recorded, produced and mixed by Thomas Oliver.
Thomas Oliver: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys.
Hal Strewe: bass.
Ariel Bamborough: backing vocals.


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